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...>>> She thinks her duty is to control their lives as well as organizing everyone's lives. Family, neighbours, acquaintances, friends and at the front line her husband Richard are all victims of her excesses, tyrannical, bossy and selfish behaviour. Imposing character, Hyacinth never listens to others, certainly do not show any respect for people feelings and opinions and everything has to go her way. With her piercing loud voice, she literally terrorises people and send everyone running for cover from miles away.  Emmet:"you could remove people's socks with a voice like that".  As if this was not enough, Hyacinth has taken

upon herself to climb the social ladder at any cost. She shows an obvious jealousy of upper classes privileges and with her huge determination and energy to show the world what she thinks she is worth, she does everything in her power to impress the “influential people”. In her irrepressible social climbing efforts and the desire to be held in higher esteem, she organises countless candlelight suppers where she annoys reluctant selected gests with the value of her china, her high tech alarm system or her last cruise on the QEII, not to mention the 8 photo albums of her son Sheridan who does so well at university. Neighbour Elisabeth: “her candlelight suppers are like one of those things we all fear in life, such as the taxman or death”. Despite her unbearable snobbish manners,

 her impeccable look (she has a huge wardrobe she brings everywhere she goes to make sure she looks the part in any occasion) and her perfect Oxford English, Hyacinth’s rudeness is of Olympic proportion. She can be an awful monster and never notice the embarrassment or pain she causes. She is stupid, selfish, inconsiderate and shows an alarming lack of common sense and general knowledge. Onslow: "I dreamt Richard was in the clutches of a monster, and I woke up to realise it was all true!" And to crown it all, Hyacinth is blind. She does not see her son's


ambiguous sexual orientations, she is convinced Emmet is attracted to her and does not understand why people she rings are suddenly victim of a mysterious cough before hanging up.


In fact, Hyacinth is a complex character. Indeed, behind this portrait of a monster, she hides the personality of a loving, caring mother and wife who worries about her son being away from home and who is looking forward to spending more time with retiring husband Richard. She is also a good Christian and regularly gets involved in charity events or often volunteers herself to clean the church or take the old people out.

Her chubby look and broad smile, her excitement about little things such as a birthday or a day out, her excessive love for her son, her funny gestures and of course her inimitable and priceless facial expressions, make the character of Hyacinth if not touching and cute, absolutely hilarious.





  Name: Mrs Hyacinth Bucket Bouquet. Even though the name has a French

  origin, Mrs Bucket's husband has absolutely no French blood and

  there are no French habits whatsoever in the Bucket residence.

  Nationality: British citizen.

  Marital status: Married to Richard Bucket since 09 February 1963.

  Family: Has a son Sheridan who she has some frightening psychic

  links with. Mrs Bucket is the eldest of 4 named-after-flower

  sisters (Violet, Daisy and Rose).

  Address: The Residence, Blossom Avenue, Binley Woods,

  Coventry, Warwickshire, CV3 2DB, UK.

  Telephone: 02476XXXXXX. Often mistaken for the local Chinese

  Takeaway telephone number.

  Occupation: Model British house wife.



  Favourite food:

  Favourite TV programs: Nothing from Channel 4 which has violent and

  distasteful content.

  Favourite readings:

  Dressing code:



  Driving licence: Does not drive. Mr Bucket is her chauffeur.


  Catch phrase: When picking the phone up: "The Bouquet residence,

  the lady of the house speaking!"




What I like about the Hyacinth 

monster is that she lives to fight another day.

She is optimistic, and although she, as I say,

slips constantly on the banana skin, back she came!

And she stood for standards too, which is not a

bad thing! She isn't going to let anything

slip, I like that!

Patricia R, Funny Woman, 1998