...>>> It is obvious that Hyacinth often gets on his nerves by controlling his every move, entrusting him with embarrassing missions or requesting he wears a tie for gardening, but still, Richard never complains, keeps his head down, follows orders and instructions and everything seems to run smoothly this way.

On rare occasions, when he cannot take it any longer and has to explode and say something, Hyacinth quickly manages not to listen and put him back to is place of submissive husband. Nevertheless, Richard remains, quite, tolerant and patient. In fact, he has long ago understood that arguing with his wife was pointless and that going her way and delivering what she expects at the right time was the simplest and safest attitude to adopt.

Forced by Hyacinth, Richards always wears an impeccable ironed suit and a tie suitable for all occasions. Needless to say that he would be much happier in more casual clothes, but when he said he envied Onslow’s relaxing way to dress and enjoy life, Hyacinth retorted that enjoying life was a total irresponsibility.

Richard never gets angry, stays modest and surprisingly faithful, he says with a bitter smile on his face that he is used to this life when asked how he copes by compassionate acquaintances. Although he once admitted that living with Hyacinth was like in the army: “you just follow instructions and your meal is served on time.”

Despite this hardship, weary Richard still has a fine sense of humour and gets on with everyone. Everyone feels pity for this adorable and charming poor man and would love to treat him for a pint of Lager at the local pub if only Hyacinth wasn’t opposed to public houses. Richard is the sad victim of what looks like a marriage from hell and that is why he is funny. But we laugh with gilt and our sympathy makes us like him even more.


  Name: Mr Richard Bucket.

  Marital status: Married to Richard Bucket since 09 February 1963.

  Children: One son named Sheridan.

  Address: 117 Blossom Avenue, Binley Woods, Coventry, CV3 2DB, UK.

  Telephone: 02476XXXXXX. Often mistaken for the local Chinese

  Takeaway telephone number.

  Occupation: Model British house wife.



  Favourite food:

  Favourite TV programs: Not Channel 4.

  Favourite readings:



  Driving licence: Does not drive. Her husband Richard is her driver.


  Catch phrase: When picking the phone up: "The Bouquet residence,

  the lady of the house speaking!"


  Other: Does not hold his own house key.