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In a nutshell, Hyacinth and 30 year husband Richard Bucket live in an impeccable detached house in a quite residential area. Their student son Sheridan is very close to his mummy and incessantly calls to ask for financial support. Next door lives Elisabeth (Liz). Her husband works abroad and her daughter Gail studies away from home too so she offered brother Emmet to live with her after his divorce. Liz often visits the Buckets for a coffee that she keeps spilling and Emmet who manages an amateur operatic society is constantly "sang at" by Hyacinth who hopes to show her singing talents and get a role. A few miles away from there, live Hyacinth’s first sister Violet who married the wealthy but strange turf accountant Bruce. Hyacinth’s 2 last sisters Daisy and Rose live with Daisy’s husband Onslow and their Daddy in a messy council house which was once the family house before the girls mother died. Unemployed Onslow is a bone idle, he never wears a shirt to cover his tattoos and spends his time drinking beers, watching violent movies and gambling. Daisy wishes Onslow were more affectionate and only find romance in her library books, the youngest sister Rose collects boyfriends in a desperate quest for the real love whereas senile Daddy thinks he is still at war and worries the family when he disappears naked in the nature. There are also the Vicar and his wife, the Major, the postman and other characters who are also reluctantly involved in candle light suppers or other charitable activities organised by our indefatigable Hyacinth.

Needless to say that the very different worlds where Hyacinth and her sisters live in and this urge that she has to control, educate and entertain the world are constantly source of conflicts and very comic situations. The combination of Roy Clark’s rich dialogues and the cast's brilliant performance created this hilarious, unique and irreplaceable British comedy “Keeping up appearances”.

  Hyacinth Bucket  played by Patricia Routledge

Hyacinth Bucket, which she insists is pronounced Bouquet, is the snobbish heroine of "Keeping up appearances". She is the eldest of the four named-after-flower-sisters Violet, Daisy and Rose who she took care of after their mother died. >>>


Katherine Patricia Routledge, daughter of Catherine and Isaac Routledge, a gentlemen's outfitter was born on 17th February 1929 in Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK. >>>

  Richard Bucket played by Clive Swift

Richard Bucket has been married with tyrannical Hyacinth for 30 long years. He was a Deputy Manager of Finance and Services at the Council but since the series 3, he reluctantly retired to be all day with Hyacinth.>>>

  Elisabeth Warden  played by Josephine Tewson
  Emmet Hawksworth  played by David Griffin
  Onslow played by Geoffrey Hughes

  Daisy  played by Judy Cornwell

  Rose  played by Mary Millar & Shirley Stelfox

  Michael The Vicar  played by Jeremy Gittins