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Click on the pictures on which the cursor turns into a small hand and a picture from the show will display.


117 Heather Road, East Coventry. 2004. Note the added extension.


The Bucket residence and Elisabeth's house are respectively at number 117 and 119 Heather Road, Binley Woods, Coventry CV3 2DB, in a quite residential area 4.5 miles east of Coventry. In the UK, a postcode is for an entire street or a big building. Unfortunately for Hyacinth CV3 2DB is not  her exclusive postcode since 42 houses share it in the road.


360 panoramic view of Heather Road >

Hold down the left mouse button to look around and the right button to zoom




        Garage at No 119                     No 119: right side of the house                      


Neighbours across the road           Heather Road          Neighbours across the road  



<< The sign on the garage is still the same as the one seen in the Show. "Waney Elm" is an elm board which has been sawn in a natural way to highlight the beauty of the wood.

 Sign on the garage: "Waney Elm"

 Click here for a full panoramic map



Click for Coventry, United Kingdom Forecast

Live weather conditions

in Heather Road.



Map of Binley Woods, East Coventry

Mouse over the map, wait for an aerial view to display


and click for a full map.

Aerial map of Heather Road, Coventry

Click on the map to zoom. Note the conservatory and the extension Hyacinth is having built.


Ironically, there really is a Chinese takeaway called "Chinese Tonight" situated 400m from No 117 at No 41 Woodland Road. Could it be the one whose phone number was often mistaken for Hyacinth 's phone?


More about Binley Woods at: