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Onslow and Daisy live at No 3 Michell Close in Coventry, in a council house, which is a house subsidized by the government for low income households or for the socially less fortunate as says Hyacinth. The house is located in a vast estate where all houses look identical and grey. The round parking at the end of the Close where Richard used to park his car leads to a park which was full of junk in the show. It is now green and tidy.


Click on the pictures on which the cursor turns into a small hand and a picture from the show will display.


3 Michell Close (second door from left), Coventry. 2004


Michell Close. No3: white door on the right.


Back view of the house



On the above " back of the house" picture, the first floor window would have been Onslow and Daisy's bedroom window, whereas the ground floor window and door would have been the kitchen's.


270 panoramic view of The Moorfield and Michell Close >

Hold down the left mouse button to look around and the right button to zoom




3 Michell Close

Houses across from No 3

3 Michell Close. Christmas 2003.



Round Parking at end of Michell Close, where Richard parks his car



         Michell Close                  View from the park                The Moorfield


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Live weather conditions

in Michell Close.

Map of Michell Close, Coventry

Mouse over the map, wait for an aerial view to display and click for a full map.

Aerial view of Michell Close, Coventry

Click on the map to zoom.