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Many city scenes and driving sequences of the show were filmed in Royal Leamington Spa, a small town 15 miles south from the Bucket residence. Leamington Spa is famous for its waters since the 16th century but is is only from the 18th century that a significant amount of wells were dug, public baths were opened and a pump room was built. The town became prosperous, welcomed more and more visitors coming to enjoy the medical benefits of its waters and parks were created for patients to relax. In the 19th century, the fashion of "taking the waters" begun to decline and the pump room became a museum. Beautiful parks along the river Leam and  Victorian buildings are now still here for visitors to enjoy.


Royal Leamington Spa city Centre map


Royal Leamington Spa gardens and parks.

In "the Mayor's fancy dress ball" (series 5, episode 1), Hyacinth and Richard are invited to the Mayor 's fancy dress ball in the Town Hall. The filming actually took place in Royal Leamington Spa's Town Hall built in 1884 in the main street: The Parade.


Click on the pictures on which the cursor turns into a small hand and a picture from the show will display.


The Town Hall & the Queen Victoria's statute



    Back of the Town Hall       Across from the Town Hall           The Pump Room

The main street: the Parade seen from the Town Hall.

In "Looking at property" (series 4, episode 5), Hyacinth gives Richard the task of picking up Daddy who is held at the Police station. she insists that Richard must not arouse anyone 's suspicion by completing his mission as discretely as possible. The Police Station filmed is Royal Leamington Spa's real Police Station, in Hamilton Terrace, near the Town Hall.


Hamilton Terrace. The central Police station where Richard had to pick up Daddy.



Police station entrance

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