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In the "Rolls Royce" (series 5, episode 9), Hyacinth who has lost first prize in a craft competition, is determined to take her revenge. To do so, she manages to have Richard drive test a sumptuous Rolls Royce to a luxury hotel where she hopes to be seen by the first price winner, Lydia Hawksworth. The hotel seen in the show is the Walton Hall, a luxury stately home hotel and country club, situated 20 miles from the Bucket residence and 30 from Birmingham. Surrounded by a magnificent park of several acres with lakes and wild ducks, Walton hall offers luxurious  apartments for US$270 per night, conference, sport and leisure facilities, health and beauty programmes, with the option to rent an apartment for one week each year and for life for US$4500.


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Walton Hall was part of a little village in the 17th century. Decimated by the Black Death, the village disappeared and all was left was the church and the manor house built on the site of the present Hall. A wealthy family then lived in the house which was rebuilt in the classical style in the 18th century. It was occupied by the army during WWII, became a girls school and was then converted into the superb hotel that it is today.

Back view of Walton Hall





These are the columns behind which Hyacinth and Richard were hiding from Onslow and Daddy who were looking for elephants. They were all seen emerging from the wooden and glass door.



The chairs are the same as the ones in the show >


Walton Hall, Walton, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9HU, UK.