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Unlock your DVD player




-Why should I unlock or "Zonefree" my home & PC DVD players?


  • Does your DVD player refuse to play certain DVDs or is your PC DVD player locked to one specific zone?

  • Are you frustrated not to be able to purchase your favourite DVDs from abroad?

  • Would you like to watch movies on DVDs before their official release?

  • Do you want to buy cheaper DVDs or copies from abroad?

  • Do you want to purchase DVDs which are not available in your region?

  • Do you wish you could afford an expensive multiregion DVD player?

  • Do you want to get the most of your current DVD player?

  • Do you wish you could watch region 1 "Keeping Up Appearances" DVDs with hilarious outtakes and wonderful extras?

  • Do you wish you could watch region 2 "Keeping Up Appearances" DVDs with subtitles?


If your answer is yes, you can put an end to your frustration today. Indeed, if DVDs cannot be changed, DVD players can be unlocked to play all DVDs. You can "zonefree" your home and computer DVD players yourself right now in matter of minutes. It is easy to do, perfectly legal and very cheap.


Home DVD players like cell phones are locked or coded from factory. Unlocking them does NOT (or very rarely) require to physically open them to alter or solder components. It can easily be done from home with the VCR remote control. Each VCR has a secret menu page that can be displayed by entering a code and pressing a few buttons of your remote control in a specific order. Once you know how to display this page, it is easy to choose the zones you want your DVD player to read.


PC DVD players usually lock to a specific zone after 5 changes. However they only require a small software to be installed to read all DVDs without zone or time limitation at all.



Unlock your home & PC DVD players now and enjoy DVDs from all over the world!




-How to unlock my home and PC DVD player?


To unlock your home DVD player yourself, you need a guide with specific instructions for each brand and type of DVD player you wish to unlock.

To unlock your computer DVD drive, you need a small software to run on your computer. These 2 items are available from this web site for US$2 only.


See in the example bellow how easily this can be done for a home DVD player:



        DVD player A-trend AD-L528  

  • Take any disk out of player,

  • On remote control press pause, then press 3,1,4,1,5,9,

  • The word CODE will appear in the DVD player's window,

  • Press the key for the desired regions then press pause,

  • Turn player off & on again,

  • The DVD is now ready to read DVDs from the chosen region(s).

To unlock your DVD player in 4 steps:

Step 1:

Click here to see if your home DVD player brand and model number are included in the list. If yes, this guide is very likely to help you. If not, this guide may not unlock your home DVD player but you can certainly benefit from the included software to unlock your PC DVD player.


Step 2:

To access the download page, securely pay US$2 online via PayPal here>>>



Step 3:

You will then be able to download your "Unlock DVD Player Guide" to your computer. You will need Adobe Reader & Win Zip softwares. Most computers already have this softwares installed but they can be downloaded here>>>




Step 4:

Follow the simple instructions on the guide to instantly unlock your home & PC DVD Player and start enjoy DVDs from all over the world.


Important Note:

  • This 6MB Compressed WinZip download includes:

    • A list of 1000+ Home DVD Players with specific unlocking instructions (300 page PDF document),

    • Three softwares to make your PC DVD Player multiregional.

  • The software, instructions and codes included in this guide are not illegal hacks.

  • The guide can be used anywhere in the world regardless of the DVD zone you are.

  • The manipulation done on your equipment can be undone and redone as many time as desired as there is no limit imposed on most DVD players.

  • Unlocking will not void your warranty since your equipment does not need to be opened.

  • The guide contains instructions for more than 1000 different DVD players, so you can even unlock your friends, family and neighbours' DVD players and computers.

  • You are choosing to unlock your DVD player at your own risk and uk-comedy cannot be held responsibility for unlikely error, mistake or damage.

  • Make sure your TV format is compatible with your DVD zone after your DVD player is unlocked, otherwise your TV will not be able to display a correct picture even if the DVD player reads correctly. Nowadays, TV are often compatible for at least 2 formats.

  • Although the vast majority of DVD players can be easily unlocked with this guide, a successful manipulation is not 100% guaranteed even if your DVD type is listed.