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Video and  Sound clips


This page contains various Video clips related to "Keeping Up Appearances" and its cast. They are a fantastic tool to discover the work of your favourite actors and to preview items of interest before purchasing from the shop.

Clips are sorted by year.

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2010.KUA Parody on Dutch TV.

A KUA parody from the TV program" De TV Kantine" in the Netherlands. Hilarious comedy where Hyacinth is brilliantly played by an imposing... male actor! Completely over the top and  yet very close to the original.


2010.KUA Parody on Dutch TV.

A KUA parody from the TV program" De TV Kantine" in the Netherlands.


2009.Clive Swift in "The Old Guys".

Roger Lloyd Pack (From Only Fool & Horses) and Clive Swift play the roles of two retired delinquent old friends who live together. An other version of "Peep Show" (same writer) or "Man Behaving Badly" only the characters are older. This clip shows a selection of scenes from episode 3.


2009.Patricia Routledge on "Richard & Judy" TV show.

Richard & Judy celebrate Patricia Routledge 80th birthday on Watch on February 2009.


2008.Geoffrey Hughes in "The Royle Family"

The Royle Family is a popular, award-winning British comedy produced for the BBC from 1998. It describes the live of a working class Manchester family, the Royles. In this episode, Twiggy played by Geoffrey Hughes invites himself at the family Christmas party. 


2008.Judy Cornwell in "EastEnders"

Judy Cornwell as Queenie Trott in the long lasting award winning British Soap. Started in 1985, EastEnders has known a huge success in the UK and is still one of the top TV drama.


2007 Geoffrey Huges presents "Liverpool Nativity"

Geoffrey Hughes presents the Liverpool Nativity, a musical  set in Liverpool streets. The show is a contemporary version of the Nativity. The tale, as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago, tells the story of a pregnant young girl, set against a backdrop of political tension and unrest, and stars a host of well-known Liverpool actors and personalities. This clip only shows a selection of scenes focussing on Geoffrey Hughes.


2007.Patricia Routeledge in Chichester

Patricia Routledge made the news headlines on 27th October 2007 when she spoke out to support St Richards Hospital threatened to close. It was in Chichester, UK a place Patricia loves.


2004. Britain's best sitcom

"Keeping Up Appearances" won the 12th position in BBC's competition: Britain's best sitcom.


1998. Alan Bennet's Talking Heads

Episode: Miss Fozzard finds her feet. Monologue with Patricia Routledge as Miss Fozzard.

From the DVD Talking Heads by Alan Bennett.

In this sample, Miss Fozzard tells us about her chiropodist Mr Suddaby. A wonderful monologue perfect for Patricia Routledge.


1996. Hetty Wainthropp investigates

Episode: Safe as Houses. With Patricia Routledge as Detective Hetty Wainthropp & young Dominic Monaghan (Hobbit Merry in "The Lord of the Rings" and Charlie in "Lost").

From the DVD Hetty Wainthropp investigates.

In this sample, we get the rare chance to see Patricia singing and dancing in a TV series.


1993. British Gas advert on British TV.

A Keeping Up Appearances popularity was at its peak in 1993, British Gas used Hyacinth to get its message through.


1990-1995. Keeping Up Appearances outtakes

Some of the Outtakes from Keeping Up Appearance. Unfortunately, there are very few outtakes included on zone 1 DVDs and none at all on zone 2 DVDs.


1993. Pebble Mill TV interview

Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket) and Clive Swift (Richard Bucket) are reunited on stage in "Mr and Mrs Nobody" while still playing in "Keeping Up Appearances".


1994. Hildegard von Bingen

DVD: Hildegard von Bingen In Portrait".

Patricia R plays Hildegard, a remarkable none of the 12th century. Genius an many fields, author, artist, healer and composer, playwright and poet, theologian and scientist, visionary and prophet, she dared to criticise society's leaders and managed to alienate and inspire many.


1993. Mr Blobby in Keeping Up Appearances

In this short episode, Hyacinth is thrilled to hear that a celebrity is visiting her for tea. Needless to say that she is horrified when popular character Mr Blobby’s causes havoc in the Bucket Residence.

Also included, Mr Blobby in "That's my date", "Mastermind",  and "The last of the summer wine".

More about Mr Blobby: [Click here >>]


Mr Blobby was a character featured in BBC’s Noel Edmond’s House Party TV program in the 1990s. Tall, fat and out of shape, pink with yellow spots and jiggling eyes, this nightmarerish humanoid could only communicate by mean of an irritating electronic voice. He was clumsy, stupid and his only talent was creating chaos wherever he went. Despite being the ugliest character ever, Mr Blobby who could be horribly funny and expressive became increasingly popular with children and adult alike in the United Kingdom.

Shops were soon full of Mr Blobby items including a pink “Mr Blobby” lemonade, his theme park was built, he even published an album and had a Christmas No 1 hit single in 1993.

Mr Blobby’s show consisted partly in creating some spoof of famous TV shows and he became so successful that he even made numerous guest appearances in popular shows such as Royle Clarke’s The Last Of The Summer Wines and Keeping Up Appearances.



1992. Pebble Mill Interview

Alan Titchmarsh interviews writer Alan Bennett and actress Patricia Routledge about Talking heads


1988. Clarence

With Josephine Tewson as Jane Travers and Ronnie Barker as Clarence Sale.

Clarence is a myopic delivery man who retires to the countryside, and goes from one mishap to another due to his short-sightedness.

This is an extract of the episode "Coronation day".


1985. Doctor Who

A selection of random Dr Who scenes with Clive Swift as Mr Jobel in the episode "Revelation of the Daleks".


1985. Kitty monologue

Victoria Wood: As seen on TV. The Kitty monologues (1 of 5)

With Patricia Routledge as Kitty. DVD: "Deck the Halls with Hyacinth".

In this sample Kitty reminds us very much of Hyacinth's character.


1983. The Beggar's opera

With Patricia Routldege as Mrs Peachum.

DVD: "The Beggar's Opera".

In this extract we see Patricia singing in a TV musical. A rare chance as most of her other musical performances where in the Theatre and have therefore never been filmed.


1980. The Pirates of Penzance

With Patricia Routldege as Ruth.

DVD: "The Pirates of Penzance".

In this extract, Patricia Routledge and Rex Smith (Frederic) sing "You deceived me". Ruth told Frederic she was a "fine woman" in order to stay with him until he sees some young ladies and realizes that Ruth was no that fine after all.


1979. Shelley

With Josephine Tewson as Mrs Hawkins.

James Shelley is highly educated but can't be bothered to find work. He lives with girlfriend Fran in a flat owned by Mrs Hawkins who thinks he really should get a job. In this extract of the "Nelson Touch" episode, Mrs Hawkins learns about Fran's pregnancy.


1978. A Visit from Miss Prothero

With Patricia Routldege as Miss Prothero.

DVD: "Patricia Routledge in Three Portraits".

Patricia Routledge Played this role in 1978 and again 30 years later in 2007. It marked the beginning of a fruitful relationship with writer Alan Bennett.

In this extract of the 1978 version, Miss Prothero pays a visit to her former colleague to inform him of the computerisation of the firm.